Tejal Shah 

Tejal Shah currently lives in Goa, India, graduated with a BA in photography from RMIT, Melbourne, spent a year as an exchange student at The Art Institute of Chicago and another summer trying to get an MFA from Bard College in upstate New York. Her practice incorporates everything and anything, including video, photography, performance, food, drawing, sound, installation, and modes of sustainable living. Queerying everything, they often unselfconsciously manifest “the inappropriate/d other” – one whom you cannot appropriate and one who is inappropriate. Experiencing their works entails entering alter-curious worlds riddled with fact, fiction, poetry and mythology, that compel us to engage with layered propositions on the relationships between interspecies, ecology, gender, post-porn, sexuality and consciousness. Having recently come out as an ecosexual, they think of themselves as ‘some kind of artist working on some kind of nature’.

Some Kind of Nature, 2013-14, dual channel video, 

Installation view

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