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Asim Waqif

Waqif’s recent projects have attempted a crossover between architecture, art and design, with a strong contextual reference to contemporary urban-design and the politics of occupying/intervening/using public spaces. Concerns of ecology and anthropology often weave through his work and he has done extensive research on vernacular systems of ecological management, especially with respect to water, waste and architecture. His artworks often employ manual processes that are deliberately pain-staking and laborious while the products themselves are often temporary and designed to decay. He has worked in sculpture, site-specific public installation, video, photography, and more recently with large-scale interactive installations that combine traditional and new media technologies. 

Agrasen ki bavli yahan hai!, 2008

Inflatable, video, water, 5.1 audio track triggered by sensors

Site-specific installation within the festival ‘48C Public-Art-Ecology’ Delhi.

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