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VisionMix operates as a curatorial collective, led by Lucia King (UK) and Rashmi Sawhney (UAE).


Lucia King is a London-based Artist and Filmmaker who has shown her work extensively nationally and internationally. She is also a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art and Moving Image at the University of Brighton. Drawing from her background as a doctoral researcher on artists film and documentary filmmakers’ practices in India (post 1990’s), her interest also lies in how artworks and films alter their significance and reading as they travel from one world region to another, and across varying exhibition and distribution platforms. Her curatorial thinking is also fuelled by questions pertaining to art and the political ecology of ‘self’, and the role of the author in art and filmmaking. Having co-curated all of the VisionMix events as founding director she has engaged the support of the associate international partners. The concept for the VisionMix network is that it will grow in a rhizomatic manner so that other curators will in future generate workshops in collaboration with the network, producing exhibitions, publications and wider debate in the lens-based media field adding strength to strength. Lucía also co-guest edited South Asian Trajectories with Rashmi Devi Sawhney, in Moving Image Review & Art Journal, 2018.

Rashmi Devi Sawhney is Associate Arts Professor of Film & New Media at New York University, Abu Dhabi. She is a film, media, & cultural theorist, having worked in leading institutions, e.g. Trinity College Dublin, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, and India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) Bangalore. She completed her Ph.D. in Film & Cultural Studies (2006) and was lecturer at the Dublin Technological University, then relocating to India as Head of the Arts Practice and Curatorship Programmes at IFA. She joined the School of Arts and Aesthetics at JNU as Associate Professor of Cinema Studies, and subsequently, Srishti-Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology, to set up an MA in Visual Aesthetics and Curatorial Practice. Published journals, anthologies and Volumes editions include:  Women at Work: the Cultural and Creative Industries (special issue of Studies in South Asian Film and Media, vol 11, 2019), South Asian Science Fiction and Fantasy (special issue of Studies in South Asian Film & Media, vol 6:2, 2014) and 100 years of Indian Cinema (special issue of Art Connect). Her latest book, The Vanishing Point: Moving Images After Video was published in 2022 by Tulika Press (global distribution by Columbia University Press). Curatorial projects include SET.RESET (2017, with Aradhana Seth's House of Inquiry, Goa); Video Vortex XI (Mill Hall, Kochi, 2016), and Loss and Transience (with Lucia Imaz King, 2021, Hong-gah Museum, Taipei).

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