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Gigi Scaria

Born in Kothanalloor, Kerala, Gigi Scaria completed his Masters in painting from Jamia Millia University. His work draws the viewer’s attention towards the painful truths of migrancy and displacement and the paradigms of development through his intense investigation of urban topographies and modern city structures. He is also concerned with the intended and unintended consequences of these developments for urban residents and the communities that make up, and divide them. Issues of alienation and unsettlement reverberate within the labyrinthine buildings of his canvases and the uncanny structures of his sculptures and installations. “Gigi’s particular position is to investigate how city structures, social constructs, and the view of location is translated in social prejudice and class attitude,” says art critic Gayatri Sinha. His recent exhibitions include BRUISED: Art action and ecology in Asia (2019) at RMIT University Gallery, Melbourne, Australia (2019);

Fotofest Biennial Contemporary Photographic & New Media Art, Huston, Texas, USA (2018); ‘Iconic Interruptions, Selected works by Gigi Scaria, 2007-2015’, Frederic Jameson Gallery, USA (2017); Dwelling Pluralities, a collateral event of Kochi Muziris Biennale, Kochi, India (2016); Time, Site & Lore, Denmark (2016). Gigi Scaria lives and works in New Delhi.

Face to face, 2010, Digital print on archival paper)   size 44 inches x 64 inches

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