Mochu is an experimental film-maker and video artist based in India. He often works with text, drawings and video, combining techno-fiction, quasi-mythology and art history. Many of his works deal with specific instances in the history of visual art, with a focus on machinic fictions and speculative imagery that are often embedded in them – some examples being the aquatints of the British landscape painters Thomas and William Daniells and the Indian painter K. Ramanujam.


Currently he is on a fellowship at the Home Workspace Program at Ashkal Alwan, Beirut, developing a multi-platform science-fiction work based on inorganic sentience and the life of fictional entities in works of art. The final form may include texts, lectures and video. His work has been exhibited at various venues such as Transmediale BWPWAP, NGMA Bangalore, WEYA Nottingham, Collectif Jeune Cinema, Khoj International Artists Association and The Royal Academy of Arts, London.

Painted diagram of a future voyage (Who Believes The Lens?), 2013 

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