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Pak Keung Wan

Born in Hong Kong, Pak Keung Wan is a British artist who works through drawing, installation, photography and performance. He has exhibited and undertaken artist residencies in galleries and museums in the UK, USA and India. Being ‘inter-cultural’ inflects his practice where relations are sought beyond the skin, to employ the agency found in the non-human world. In the work’s formation lies a sense of co-authorship, with other bodies and forces, those cosmic, geological, phenomenal. There is a concern for embodiment, towards fusion and an intimacy with the (im)materiality of things, in their make-up and becoming. This imprinting of ‘otherness’ extends back to his study of Printmaking at the Royal College of Art where empathies with process, transmutation and temporality took shape.


Drawing is consistent throughout Wan’s practice. The line, a recurring motif, serves as a channel connecting him to natural forces that the act intends to invoke. To draw is a way of  feeling a form into being while sensing in drawing as the ‘pull’ of things, tropistic or gravitational, in choreographing a body to perform and make tangible. Wan is interested in drawing’s behavioural capacity and how this engagement in the everyday realises and creates the practitioner.

Untitled #3 (Solar Caress), 2012-15

metallic pencil on postcard

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