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Pallavi Paul

Paul’s work is deeply engaged in the technologies of poetry and time travel. She works primarily with video and the installation form to propose orders of tensility that inhabit  non-fiction material. Using the disruption between ‘reality image’ and ‘documentary’ as a starting point,  she attempts to create a laboratory of possibilities which test the contours of fantasy, resistance, politics and history.


Paul’s works have been shown at Tate Modern Gallery(London), AV Festival (Newcastle), Edinburgh Art Festival(Edinburgh), Bhaudaji Lad Museum (Mumbai), Hundred Years of Experimentation ( 1913- 2013) Retrospective of Indian Cinema and Video, Experimenta Film Festival(Bangalore), Mumbai Film Festival (Mumbai).


She has also  been an artist in Residence at Delfina Foundation (London) , Khoj International Artists’ Association (New Delhi), Vancouver Bienneal Residency and SARAI (New Delhi). Some fellowships that Paul has received include Charles Wallace and Inlaks Sivdasani Award for Emerging Indian Artist, India Foundation for the Arts fellowship for Arts Practice, Public Service Broadcasting Trust Fellowship for Non-Fiction Film, Fellowship for experimental video.



THE COMMON TASK, Pallavi Paul + Sahej Rahal

2016, 52 minutes, Colour

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