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Paramita Das

Paramita Das’ work is a cross-pollination of documentary form, experimental cinema, live art, absurdist performance, conceptual art and video/sound installation. It includes traces of herself on earth, air and water, her ’unnatural’ wishes to be a bird, to fly, inflict self-harm, and to politicise motherhood, womanhood, femininity and woman as colonial body in a South-Asian context.


Her long involvement with Sufi saints-Pirs, Bauls and Fakirs in Bangladesh led to explorations of 'ecstasy' and the decontextualizing of 'feminine' and 'femininity', 'self' and 'other'. She has often been the subject of censorship for her performances in public and private. Her ongoing projects emerge at the intersection of art and religion, exploring the artist’s body as a site of ethics and quest for spirituality and sensuality. Diverse international projects have spanned Europe, the US and Nigeria. 

My Body is a Land of Mirrors, 2013, performance

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