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Ranbir Kaleka

Ranbir Kaleka celebrates the poetics of the liminal moment: that threshold of potentialities at which, as Victor Turner has pointed out, the self becomes transitive, poised to metamorphose into any of several others. Over 12 years, Kaleka has orchestrated a number of arrangements of the painted image and the projected image, cohabiting in the same space. He produces a meticulously calibrated adjacency of media, with which to disrupt the layered image. Kaleka’s images are only apparently simultaneous and palimpsestual; they hold together in a spectral shimmer only to split apart in brief bursts before regaining a deceptive stability. In the subtle gap between the manifestations of these images, Kaleka breaks open a difference of spatiality, temporality, sensation and significance. 

Still from the installation, House of Opaque Water, 2012

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