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Sheba Chhachhi

Photographer/installation artist, Sheba Chhachhi, investigates questions of gender, ecology, violence and visual culture, with emphasis on the recuperation of cultural memory. Beginning as an activist in the 1980s (regarding the women’s movement) Chhachhi later developed collaborative staged photographs that became large multimedia installations. Her works draw on marginal worlds: of women and the forgotten forms of labour, and in her installations- premodern thought and visual traditions interweave the mythic with the social. She has experimented with pre-cinematic animated lightboxes and virtual reality to create immersive environments that bring the contemplative into the political. She has exhibited widely in numerous India- based and international biennales, triennials and museums. 

Bhogi/Rogi (Consumption/Disease), 2011

Detail. Interactive video with real time transformations about GM foods

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