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Simon Vincenzi

Operation Infinity is a meta-fiction through which Simon Vincenzi is developing an on-going series of interrelated theatre performances, events and video documents. At the centre of this project are four works which explore the different forms of the film, the nightclub, the show and the play. Each work is presented in different locations and contains the audience within their fiction - each work exploring a different relationship to the act of looking. Made to be seen individually, they are all linked through their exploration of mesmerism, control, entertainment, identity and perception.


Each work relates back to the fictional character of Dr Mabuse: a psychic shape-shifter and brilliant master of disguise who uses his powers of mind-reading, hypnotism, and will-bending to instil a reign of terror throughout society and bring economic ruin. Having taken control of the theatre company 'Troupe Mabuse' he arms himself against a war of communication; where the mediated image is taken as true and the threat of terror becomes a political force. A war that celebrates the death of reality.


The Infinite Pleasures of The Great Unknown and Luxuriant: Within The Reign of Anticipation have been shown in theatre/music festivals and art galleries throughout Europe and are continuing to tour. Club Extinction has had work-in-development showings at Laban and The Arches nightclub in London. It continues to be developed as work to be experienced on the web and in a nightclub. King Real Against The Guidelines is in development as an installation shown within a theatre. Surrounding these four works is a developing series of parallel events under the title of The Ouroboros Recordings. These works are expanded moments from the existing shows and have the function of presenting a live event as a way to make a covert video recording.

LUXURIANT: Within The Reign of Anticipation, 2010

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