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Sunil Gupta

The artist photographer, Sunil Gupta has successfully weathered the troubled terrain of what are possibly two of the most maligned genres in the fine arts - the photographic documentary and the portrait. While exhibitions of documentary and portrait photography have been mounted in galleries and museums, acknowledgement of these as “art” has only become accepted since the 1970s. A fine line divides the difference between what is art and what is documentary, one that is related to intention; whether the photographer considers his or her practice as one of making art, or as producing a document as a study or visual enquiry into a place or situation. Gupta’s most recent exhibition Queer Migrations: Family, Identity, and Place, Photographs by Sunil Gupta is currently running at Whitney Humanities Center,Yale University, (until May 2015).

Mr. Malhotra’s Party, 2009, Photo series

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